Mr. Jin Yong’s way of health

Mr. Jin Yong’s way of health

Mr. Jin Yong, who has been in the past years, is still so chic and graceful. Mr. Jin Yong pays attention to the golden mean because he maintains a natural attitude.

He said: “It can be said that “Tian Long Ba Bu” expresses part of my views on life.

We Chinese believe that although they die from death, they should have a good life. They should help others, calmly and pay attention to the golden mean.

It is this kind of outlook on life that guides Jin Yong. Everything is not strong. It is good to be able to do something. It can’t be and it doesn’t matter. The important point is to seek inner leisure and to be satisfied.

He once mentioned such an example. When he came to Beijing to see a friend’s life is not rich, but the family lived in harmony, and the family was happy. Although a Hong Kong friend was wealthy, he was troubled and uncomfortable.

He said that the friend in Beijing was better off.

  Mr. Jin Yong said: “My body has always been okay, but it is not as hard as some media have said. In fact, I will not work hard, not at all.

In 1995, she suffered from sudden illness in her home in Hong Kong. The hospital made every effort to successfully carry out the small ball elastic plugging operation, which made me risk.

Many people come to the hospital to see me and greet me, which makes me deeply feel the value of truth.

I don’t know if there is no such fate to escape.

With my personality, I rarely show my enthusiasm to people. There are still too many people who care about me and love me sincerely. Although my heart muscle is 16% necrotic, my heart’s warmth has increased by 160%.

“Now I walk around the circle every day and walk for 45-50 minutes.”

However, my walk is to reach a rush of rapid breathing, not slow pace until sweating; as for the sun too much or when it rains, you can only stay at home for 30-45 minutes.

“Pearling green tea is the way of Mr. Jin Yong’s health. He has a certain research on green tea. He said: “The best green tea leaves are fresh and must be harvested before the Qingming.

Tea drinking is the same as health care. Tea is good for people and brains. This function is just needed for health.

But I thought that the amount of tea should not be too much, just like my daily food intake is very small, especially starch, protein food will eat a little less.

I think that when people encounter difficulties, the easier they are to deal with, the more difficult they are to deal with.

Absolutely writing calligraphy and reading books will make your life easier and achieve health.

The third stage of the “Yanhuang Cup” celebrity Go Invitational Tournament initiated by four people, including Jin Yong, Nie Weiping, Lin Haifeng and Shen Junshan (former president of Tsinghua University in Taipei), which was closed in Xinjiang some time ago.

Mr. Jin Yong said: “I have always been very interested in Go.

My teacher is Nie Weiping. I told him to worship the teacher. Unfortunately, Nie Weiping didn’t have time to teach me well. I didn’t make any progress.

Currently, I am a six-stage amateur Go.

All the professional chess players in the Chinese chess house have played chess with me and taught me, so the teachers who taught me have added up the ranks, which may be the highest in the world.

In many of my works, I also wrote Go. In the book Sword Enemen, Chen Jialuo played Go, using chess pieces as a hidden weapon; the black and white son in “Swordsman” is obsessed with Go; “Dragon’s Eight” is a game of exquisite chess, etc.Different characters have different characters in Go.

“Someone has sneered at Jin Yong’s novels in the newspaper.

At that time, many people thought that Jin Yong would be a big hit.

On the contrary, Jin Yong did not take the case and sent a particularly mild open letter to the media: “. It’s great to be treated with God, enjoy so much happiness, occasionally give a few words, hit it,It will not be unhappy.

“Light strokes, it is very calm.”

This is a very valuable character.

This kind of cultivation is a very precious wealth, and it is the highest level of emotional health. The key to achieving this kind of realm is to have the psychological quality of “eight winds can’t move.”

金庸在信中对“八风吹不动”的境界做了自己的解释:“佛家的‘八风’,是指利、衰、毁、誉、称、讽、苦、乐,四顺四逆一共八件事情:顺利成功是‘利’,失败是‘衰’,别人背地诽谤是‘毁’,背地赞美是‘誉’,当面赞美是‘称’,当面詈骂攻击是‘讽’,痛苦是‘苦’,快乐是‘乐’。The philosopher taught that it is a very high accomplishment when it is properly cultivated to encounter any wind in the Eight Winds.

As I work hard in this realm, I will be able to live in a healthy and healthy way. I will not be casually ill and will not be mad.