Psychologist teaches you six strokes of mental weight loss

Psychologist teaches you six strokes of mental weight loss

Losing weight can’t rely solely on drugs and diet, strong exercise, but also rely on psychotherapy to lose weight.

Psychologists have introduced six major steps to lose weight. Come and learn!

  The first trick: the principle of stimulating law: let yourself face the delicious food, when you want to gorge yourself, immediately stimulated by disgust to suppress appetite.

  Practice: Obese people can put a comic book that is ridiculed because of their bloated body, or put a photo of their big belly on the table while eating photos while eating.

  Reminder: Friends who have seen slimming men and women remember the scene of the fat woman facing the photo. The hateful expression on the fat meat is very realistic, and the friend can’t just “hate” the photo, but also actively look for the slimming most.Good way.

  The second measure: the reward method: obese people can use the reward method to adhere to their determination to lose weight.

There are many ways to reward.

One way to do this is to lose a coin into a piggy bank every time you insist on losing weight, and reward yourself for buying something you like.

But remember, don’t give food to your mouth.

  Reminder: You can also make a difference and make every point progress concrete.

For example, for every kilogram of decompression, put a pound of sand or other things into the empty bag, and often mention the bag to see if there are multiple.

This weight is the excess meat of your body.

  The third measure: avoid the principle of eating alone: for excessive people, avoid avoiding eating alone, and should eat with family or friends.

Among the relatives and friends, “hiring” several “supervisors” who have an influence on themselves.

In this way, they can control your diet, neither will you let your stomach empty, nor will you let your belly open.

  Practice: Sometimes, although you are really losing weight, there are times when you are desperate and can’t keep going.

At this point, you should find a dieter who has the same difficulties, encourage each other, learn from each other’s strengths, and overcome difficulties.

  The fourth measure: the principle of walking the law: Some people who exceed the image of the food, the smell, and even the imagination of the food, will cause appetite.

Therefore, it is recommended that obese people use other behaviors instead of eating, and may be able to extinguish this reaction.

  Practice: Someone take a brisk walk, drink a glass of water, or insist on not eating until such imagination does not lead to excessive copying.

  The fifth measure: adopt a variety of eating methods to consciously eat the law: this “conscious eating method” requires that you must reasonably face the food, think clearly when eating, and eventually you will cause “hungry to eat”The old habit has become a rational rehabilitation person, thus achieving the purpose of weight loss.

  Divide method Three meals: The method of dividing food is the method of separating protein and starch. If you can use this method to eat scientifically, you can easily lose 7 pounds in one month.

  Sixth trick: fixed place eating practice: If you often eat in a specific environment, put on the TV while eating snacks, over time, when you watch TV, you want to eat, whether or not.

According to the characteristics of obese people, only in certain places, eat at a certain time, or eat while watching TV.