If you want to sleep well, follow the three steps.

If you want to sleep well, follow the three steps.

Insomnia is an important manifestation of depression, anxiety and other neurological diseases, and insomnia often aggravates the symptoms of the disease, causing the patient to fall into a vicious circle of insomnia → depression, anxiety → insomnia.

Insomnia is one of the common alternatives to the elderly.

According to the survey results of countries such as Europe and the United States, the prevalence of sleep disorders caused by various factors is as high as 70% among the middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old.

  Experts pointed out that insomnia belongs to a pathological condition, which is characterized by frequent sleeplessness, insufficient energy during the day, poor endurance and efficiency of mental activities, and difficulty in normal work and study. It may become a neurotic allergy in the long run.Complete mental disorders.

Therefore, good sleep is an important guarantee for maintaining sufficient energy and longevity.

  Outstanding insomnia, treatment must go first.

Experts said: “In fact, everyone has their own specific sleep cycle, choose the most appropriate sleep time and method, in order to develop a regular physiological clock.

Eating sleeping pills is one of the common ways people cause insomnia, but you can also try new methods such as acupuncture, moxibustion, manual massage, music therapy, etc. The effect varies from person to person.

The first step in treatment is to correct behavior related to poor sleep hygiene.

Do not eat before going to bed, eating causes the gastrointestinal and other organs to re-enter the working state, affecting the quality of falling asleep is detrimental to health; do not drink strong tea, coffee before going to bed, this kind of food will make people’s spirits in a state of excitement, making it difficult for people to fall asleep;Can not afford, too much sleep is prone to symptoms such as lack of energy, dizziness and weakness; calm mood before going to bed, do not be overwhelmed before going to sleep to prevent excessive excitation or confusion in the nerve center, resulting in insomnia; middle-aged and elderly are always optimistic,To satisfy the good attitude of Changle, you can eat well and sleep well.

  The second step in treatment is diet.

Reasonable and reasonable, eat less cold food.

Drink a cup of milk before going to bed, the amount of tryptophan is reduced to sleep; every morning and evening to eat some walnuts, can cure neurasthenia, insomnia and dreams and diet, good for sleep; longan meat tonic, spleen, nourishing and soothe the nerves, treatment of insomnia, forgetfulness, neurasthenia, etc. have a miraculous effect.

Those who are upset and have insomnia, can be soaked in lotus roots and soaked in water every night before going to bed.

When you are tired and sleepy, you can take 1 tablespoon of vinegar, add it to warm water, and take a moment to sleep peacefully.

  The third step in treatment is exercise therapy.

For insomnia caused by neurasthenia or temporary emotional disorders, self-exercise should be used to gradually calm the excessive excitement of the nervous system to promote the cerebral cortex into an appropriate inhibition state.

Middle-aged and elderly people can use Tai Chi, Qigong, gymnastics, cold water bath, jogging, walking, swimming, climbing, ball sports and other sports.

Especially jogging and walking, making people feel relaxed and refreshed.

Middle-aged and older people must exercise according to people’s needs, plan, step, step by step, perseverance, work and rest, in order to achieve the desired results.