See if you want to get fat

See if you want to get fat

In the overall social form, obesity is not a good thing. How can we “anti-micro-duration”, let us find out in time that we are going to gain weight, and keep our body healthy and slim?

Here are a few signs to gain weight: 1.


With the usual scores, the near-lowering always feels tired, and the more active activities will be panting and sweating. As long as it is not suffering from any disease, obesity may come quietly.


Become lazy.

People who have always been diligent, become lazy, have a listlessness, or always feel more than enough, if there is no illness, it may be a sign of obesity.



Sleep is particularly sweet, I still want to sleep after I have enough time to sleep, or I often yawn, and in the case of excessive fatigue, perhaps too much will come.


Afraid to move.

People who love sports, gradually no longer love to move, and even someone who participates in sports is a burden or trouble, which is also a signal of obesity.


Love to eat.

Appetite is greatly increased, and often the mouth does not rest. Once you do not suffer from hyperthyroidism, diabetes and other diseases with increased appetite, it indicates that obesity is coming.


Hi drink.

Water can prevent the burning of feces in the human body and increase the storage of feces. If you particularly like to drink water, as long as it is not diabetes insipidus, diabetes can make people fat.

Take a look at it and see if you are getting fat.