Add sugar to tea to improve your bad temper

Add sugar to tea to improve your bad temper

In our health philosophy, adding sugar to tea is often a big deal in advance.

But now, if you like to drink tea and sugar, and your colleagues advise you to give up, you have a new reason: “I am just trying to ease the pressure of work!

“Because psychologists have found that sugary drinks can reduce people’s aggressiveness and debate.


hzh {display: none; }  这被认为是糖为大脑提供维持冲动受控所必须的能量,从而预防我们因压力而发脾气。The researchers said: “For example, when you may encounter provocation, when you may encounter a difficult boss in a work meeting, drinking a sugary drink in advance may effectively increase our ability to suppress impulsivity.

After a stressful day, drinking a sugary drink on your way home may reduce our thunder to our family or driver’s friends.

The soothing effect of sugary drinks was discovered by Australian psychologists.

In the experiment, he asked a group of male and female volunteers to drink lemon juice, some people added sugar to their drinks, and some people’s drinks added an artificial sweetener.

Then arrange volunteers to complete the first-level stress task and prepare for the speech.

After the speech, some people were furious because others said their speech was boring and frustrating, and those who drank sugary drinks showed the possibility of anger.

The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

  Researchers at the University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland say the brain needs sugar or glucose to provide power to perform functions, including the ability to control behavior.

They say: “One way the brain gets energy to perform control is to accumulate blood sugar levels.

When stimulated, the increased blood sugar should provide the energy necessary to suppress aggressive impulses.

Although it is widely believed that glucose injection may result in “high blood sugar” and thus impulsive behavior, our research shows that glucose can cause people’s control during provocation.

“But, sugar is not always good.

Parents know that carbonated drinks cost children a lot of energy.

Sugar has no benefit to the teeth.

The residual sugar in the mouth is decomposed by bacteria to produce acidic substances, which can damage the gums and cause inflammation of the gums.