The elderly in winter are very important to pay attention to the seven taboos

The elderly in winter are very important to pay attention to the seven taboos

The winter climate is cold, the old man’s body is weak, and the surrounding air quality is poor. Many elderly people choose indoor sports.

For the elderly, winter is more important.

So, how do the elderly maintain their health in winter?

What should you pay attention to in your health?

Below, let’s take a look at the small series.

  How to maintain health in the winter? 1, scientific diet Because the winter weather is cold, so this time the diet should be warmest, but not too hot, you can not eat some cold or sticky food, so insteadNot conducive to digestion, and will seriously damage our spleen and stomach health.

  2, normal life to develop a good habit has a very important role in physical health, and this is also an effective way to maintain health.

  3, strengthen exercise wants to be healthy, the elderly can not exercise in winter, so it is a very big blow to the body resistance.

In winter, Tai Chi and walking are the best choices for the elderly to exercise.

  The elderly in the winter health 7 bogey 1, avoid sitting for a long time is a necessary rest to eliminate fatigue, but sedentary is easy to make muscles decline and shrink.

Therefore, the elderly should take more outdoor activities suitable for themselves and strengthen their muscles to enhance their physical fitness.

  2, avoid long-term elderly blood movements rely on dynamic and static to adjust the balance, if it has been excessively moving, it will affect the blood and blood, so that some of the body’s tissue and cell nutrition disorders, qi stagnation and blood coagulation, resulting in disease.

  3, avoid long-sighted people to the elderly, if long-term vision will hurt the blood and gas, resulting in dizziness and empathy.

Therefore, the elderly should read or watch TV. The film should be controlled within one to two hours and should not be viewed continuously.

  4, avoid sleep for a long time to sleep is good for the health of the elderly, long sleep is weak.

To meet the four o’clock, get up early in the spring and summer, get up early in the fall, get up early in the winter, and get up early in the winter.

  5, avoid long-term static, long-term silence is too quiet, lonely, boring, lonely situation, leading to the elderly become mentally weak, temperament, loss of confidence in life, leading to a decline in health.

In addition, beautiful music makes people feel relaxed and refreshed.

Therefore, the elderly should have appropriate benign sound stimulation to promote disease health.

  6, bogey over the hips, the elderly are often willing to sit on the sofa watching TV, looking up at the head and talking to people.

Over time, it is easy to oppress the arteries of the hypertension, causing poor blood flow, dizziness, nausea, and even half-length.

  7, avoid forced defecation of the elderly often constipation, when the bowel movements are not smooth, should take back the drug, can not be hard.

Because people tend to rise in blood pressure during defecation, excessive force may cause fainting, shock causes cerebral hemorrhage and life-threatening.