The philosophy that smart women need to back down

The philosophy that smart women need to back down

The philosophy of a smart woman who needs to back down.

Receive a sweet message, remember to smile, and then delete.


Find ways to make money, not how to save money.


When you are angry, count to 30 and talk again.


I like to buy things myself, don’t expect others to send them.


Drink less juice and eat more fruits, eat less snacks and drink plenty of water, sit less and more stations, less want to see more, talk less and do more, less nostalgic.


There will never be a second man who loves you like a father, so the favorite man is of course a father.


Don’t miss the same person twenty four
hours a day.

You can give points to family and friends.


Don’t think that if you find a rich man, you have everything.

Young girls in the world, much like the cola on the container, it doesn’t matter if you drink or drink.


If you eat it, you will never spit it out, so you should think clearly before eating.


When you are lonely, don’t listen to slow songs, nostalgic or tired of being online, stand up for sports or go to a friend gossip.


When I saw it through, I pretended not to see through.


You who work, and you who are idle, are definitely not the same person.


Do a good job of sun protection, but remember to sunbathe properly.

The mood will also be photosynthesis.



Buy what you really want, don’t borrow money, make a decision after you think it, don’t regret it after you decide.


Don’t use your boyfriend’s birthday for the bank card password.


Never complain to former lovers.

18 years old

Before going out, consider the shoes to wear according to the time and intensity of walking.

To read a good book, cultivate your sentiment and improve your taste.


You can scouring cheap clothes, but remember that your taste is higher than this price.

twenty one

Skin care products on the table are always more expensive than cosmetics, expensive, good, for women, external nutrition is not as good as internal adjustment.

twenty two

Develop the habit of writing a diary, even if it is only a phrase.
twenty three.

Can not agree, but learn to respect.

Highlight your heart, but don’t ignore the appearance.

25 years old

When you can’t make a decision, let time help you decide.

If you still can’t decide, do it again.

I would rather make a mistake and leave no regrets!


When you call, remember to smile and see each other.


Monthly billing, monthly savings.


Know the trend, but don’t have to follow suit.


How old is it, how old it is.

30 years old

Believe in love and sir.

The existence of rights does not refuse to be with Mr. before.

The wrong person shares life.


If you send a short message to someone you like, he won’t return.

Do not send another 32.

Don’t torture yourself for anyone.

For example, not eating, crying, autism, depression, these are all things that fools do.

Of course, occasionally stupid is necessary, life does not have to be smart 33.

Wear textured clothes and find a quality boyfriend.

He may not be rich, but he must be able to make you feel safe and happy.


If you decide to leave a person, be quicker and quicker. If you decide to fall in love with someone, take a little longer and see if it suits you.

35 years old

At the time, I cooked my own tea and brewed coffee, or made some tea, put a piece of tender music, read a few pages of good books, and then slept, and hurry.

Learn to suffer.

Some words, suitable for rotten in the heart, some pain, suitable for silent forgetting.

When you have experienced it, you grow up and you know it.


In any case, maintain the proper conservation.

Learn to say thank you, hard work, sorry.

Do something wrong to apologize and change.